Our site has been undergoing a revamp over the last week or so. Page layouts have changed quite a bit and the site is now built on WordPress, the most popular blogging platform in the world.

On the navigation bar (at top), you'll find all the public access pages for the site, including our sign-up page.

On the right-side navigation bar, you'll find other site navigation options. New posts will be listed in the Recent Posts box as they're added to the site. These will typically be bits of news and events related to ACENDIO and its members.

A new feature of the site is the ability to leave comments on posts, so now you can make yourself heard! Comments are manually reviewed before being published just in case something needs to be filtered. We also have filters in place to automatically block spam. Recent comments are automatically listed in the Recent Comments box as they're published, and include a link back to the post where the comment was left.

The ACENDIO Resources box contains links to a couple of specific ACENDIO documents.

The site is also being broken down into categories so that sections of it are easier to maintain. You'll see more categories appear over time in the Categories section of the navigation bar. Currently, the ACENDIO News and Members Only categories are the only ones listed. Access to what's in this category is restricted to registered, paid-up members. If you are a member, you can use the Login link at the top of the navigation bar to sign in and get access to the Members area.

The Archives section simply groups any posts made by date. If you're looking for some historical information, that's one way of finding it. Another way is to use the Search box at the top of each page.

Finally, the Tags are common keywords that appear on pages on this site. Clicking one of them will show a list of posts that contain that keyword. The size of a tag is related to how common that keyword is on the site (the larger the font, the more times the keyword appears in posts). As new posts are added to the site, the Tags list will change. It's not an important part of the site but gives some indication of what popular topics are.