eHealth Strategy Documents

Swedish National eHealth - the strategy for accessible and secure information in health and social care

Swedish Strategy for ACENDIO Conference

eHealth: A Strategy for Nurses (Sweden)

The Nursing Profession in Development Through eHealth (Norwegian Nurses Organisation)


EU-Strategies - Country Reports

eHealth and Welfare of Finland 2013

eHealth Strategy for Switzerland (Summary)

eHealth Suisse: Coordinating eHealth in Switzerland

Integrating Informatics into the Curriculum - TIGER

eHealth Strategy for Ireland

eHealth Workshop Presentations (Zurich May 2014)

  1. Fintan Sheerin. ACENDIO and eHealth: Work to Date.
  2. Wolter Paans/Helen de Graaf, Hanze. eHealth: The European Context.
  3. Adrian Schmid, Leiter. eHealth in the Swiss Context.
  4. Susanna Bürki. eHealth in the Swiss Context.

Supporting Documents and Exemplars

Carlson, J. (2008) Creating and Testing an Electronic Nursing Documentation System (ENDS) –A Pilot Research Project.

Hafner and Klehr. Developing and Submitting Standardized Nomenclature.

Hands Project.

Health First Europe (2010) e-Quality in e-Health: Stakeholders' reflections on addressing e-health challenges at the European level. Brussels: Health First Europe.

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European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies