ACENDIO Conference Highlights and Photos 2019

ACENDIO Conference highlights – summary by Prof. Wolter Paans

The ACENDIO conference is a traveling circus. We’re seeking our way through rough nursing terrain, and in the years from 1995 until 2019 we went over the hills and far away. Although our president could, for the first time in ACENDIO’S existence, not be with us, he is in our hart, and the next conference he will be back, not as board member, but at least as an active member, that’s for sure.

This conference, the journey started, for the most of us, with a flight and a car or train journey, side seeing almost endless woods with beautiful lakes and romantic houses in some snow left, in the beautiful country of Sweden.

We might not forget that some of our most loyal attendants were here again, coming from very far. I want to mention the brilliant researchers from Brazil as well as from the United States, and from Japan. And there were more who traveled from very far. We feel honored that you are staying with us wherever we choose to go to.

And not only by the cause of traveling, some of the ACENDIO-members, complained today about pain in the region of the hamstring, knees and ankles; it was estimated that, this time, the ethiological factors could be found in the region of line dancing.

So, ACENDIO, in this conference, was not only working hard, it was also mend to celebrate your academic work and outcomes, meeting each other in comfortable lecture halls, as well as at pleasant diner tables with a glass of wine, and listening to Swedish and Irish folk music.

There was a remarkable diversity in countries on our 2019 list of attendances, and again, there were over 80 excellent presenters, some of them in several occasions.

There were many new insights presented regarding the use of standardized language, the accuracy and prevalence of nursing diagnoses, interventions and outcomes. But also related to the use of new technologies.

As one example, I want to mention the inspiring poster: ‘Breast Cancer Survivors: Information Seeking while blogging’ from Franciska Pinto et al., mentioning the e-patient movement and what nurses can learn from internet behavior of patients.

Above all, the ACENDIO community seems to be working towards the second, third, fourth and fifth generation electronic health records with unimageable future possibilities. Without all the work now presented, these new generations never will have a change. There is no doubt about the fact that patients will benefit significantly from the ACENDIO community, yesterday, now, tomorrow and in the future.

This conference shows that ACENDIO goes, now with its legal status, on with its mission. With new generations of nursing technologies, and above all, with new generations of nurses, nurse educators, researchers and innovators.

The ACENDIO board members promise that they, together with all other members, will do their very, very best to support these new generations by offering them a high-quality network, and a conference worth the travelling, wherever you’re coming from.

Thank you.

Photos Martijn Rens

Conference photos day 1

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Conference photos day 2

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